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Passion & Expertise

Groupe Boyz inc.

Our passion and expertise is the design and marketing of family clothing collections that stand out in terms of style, quality, and affordability, in the aim of meeting the needs of Canadian and international markets.

With this in mind, Groupe Boyz is always on the lookout for the latest trends and new products, and stays determined to maintain a fair price policy, and to constantly monitor the quality of its products.

More than 80 specialists

in collections development
at our Montreal offices

1000 to 150 000 units and +

expertise in small- and
large-scale production

2 warehouses

in Canada
and in the United States

over 20 years


Clothing experts

Our team is made up of clothing specialists who design, produce, and distribute products across North America.

Private Brands

Collections developed for the specific needs of the client. Orders can range from 1,000 to over 150,000 units.

Our Brands

Over the past 20 years, Boyz Group has developed a diversified portfolio of exclusive and licenced brands.

Groupe Boyz inc.

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