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Groupe Boyz inc.

Over the years, Groupe Boyz has developed and manufactured a wide variety of products for clients who sought out the company to benefit from our expertise and know-how.
Based on the specific needs of our customers, our design and procurement experts have successfully created programs that stand out and generate additional revenue. We built our reputation around delivering products at the right price and in key categories, such as outdoor apparel, babies’ and children’s clothing, sportswear, and more.

Groupe Boyz works in close collaboration with a group of certified factories and trusted organizations, to meet all quality control needs, product audits, and social audits. The top-quality products we deliver to our clients meet and even exceed their requirements. We also ensure that our suppliers respect our company’s core values, such as human rights, and fair, safe, respectful work conditions.

We have the flexibility and ability to produce orders ranging from 1,000 to over 150,000 units.

Groupe Boyz inc.

9404, Boulevard du Golf
Anjou, Qc (Canada)
H1J 3A1

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